Brand Launch Management

with Rivent Partners

The Problem

Rivent Partners came to me with a major challenge: they were ready to launch their new brand, but there were a lot of moving parts to coordinate.  Originally known as Upstate Special Needs Planning, they needed to update their branding to reflect their expanded offerings as they entered the broader financial planning market.  The challenge was that they had multiple companies with different compliance requirements, three different websites to manage, and various design assets that needed updating.

The Solution

Rivent brought me on to lead their Brand Launch Management and in turn, I worked closely with their team to ensure a timely and successful launch.  This involved collaborating with compliance teams, coordinating with vendors, and troubleshooting issues as they arose.  I also took on the task of updating and refreshing design assets across the board, including business cards, one-pagers, and welcome packets.

In the end, I was able to bring together all of the moving parts, and Rivent Partners successfully launched their new brand with a cohesive and compelling look.

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