Email Marketing

with Deerfield Country Club

The Problem

Deerfield Country Club wanted to improve communication and support for their wedding couples during the event planning process.  A challenge throughout the industry is keeping couples informed and feeling prioritized by their vendors.  Deerfield wanted to stay clear of any of these communication lapses and offer a seamless and stress-free experience for their couples.

The Solution

I worked with Deerfield to create a wedding portal that would serve as a one-stop-shop for their couples to access all the information they needed for their wedding planning.  This portal fused Google Drive and automated email marketing to keep in frequent contact with couples and have them as prepared as possible for their wedding day.

Inside their unique Google Drive folder, couples can find a series of PDF and fillable documents, including planning guidelines and tips, vendor recommendations, photo and video locations, menu selections, and wedding details.  The documents were designed to guide the couples through the wedding planning process, providing them with support and peace of mind.

A series of timed emails are sent to the couples, providing them with important details about the wedding process and what to expect.  The emails are times according to their wedding date and align with the planning needs during that time.  They also point to particular documents that should be reviewed or completed during this time period.

All documents and emails are designed with Deerfields branding in mind.  I was also intentional about the messaging of each email marketing piece to build excitement as couples move closer to the wedding day.

The portal allows couples to feel informed and in touch with Deerfield throughout their months of planning.  While Deerfield is able to streamline their wedding planning process, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to support their couples.  In the end, this wedding portal allows Deerfield to focus on providing exceptional service and delivering unforgettable weddings.

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