Graphic Design

with FraudFindr

The Problem

FraudFindr, a forensic accounting software company, was seeking funding from potential investors but needed a compelling pitch deck to showcase their business model, product, and market opportunity.

The Solution

Politan Marketing worked with FraudFindr to develop a comprehensive pitch deck that clearly articulated their value proposition and addressed potential investor concerns.

The pitch deck included slides that explained the market opportunity, the product features and benefits, the revenue model, and the team’s qualifications.  We also developed custom graphics and visuals to help illustrate key points and make the presentation more engaging.  To ensure that the pitch deck resonated with potential investors, we conducted multiple rounds of feedback and refinement with the FraudFindr team, current investors, and startup coaches.  We made sure that the pitch deck was polished, professional, and effectively communicated the value of the business to potential investors.

With the new pitch deck in hand, FraudFindr was able to successfully secure investor funding to further develop and expand their forensic accounting software.  The pitch deck played a critical role in convincing investors of the company’s potential and ability to deliver results in the industry.

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